SCHWARZ, Daniel and Ivo PROVAZNÍK. Rigid and Elastic Registration of Multimodal Volume Images in Medicine. In IFMBE Proceedings. 2002nd ed. Vienna: Verlag der Technischen Universitat Graz, 2002. p. 604-605. ISBN 3-901351-62-0.
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Basic information
Original name Rigid and Elastic Registration of Multimodal Volume Images in Medicine
Authors SCHWARZ, Daniel and Ivo PROVAZNÍK.
Edition 2002. vyd. Vienna, IFMBE Proceedings, p. 604-605, 2 pp. 2002.
Publisher Verlag der Technischen Universitat Graz
Other information
Type of outcome Proceedings paper
Confidentiality degree is not subject to a state or trade secret
Organization unit Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses
ISBN 3-901351-62-0
Keywords in English multimodal volume images; image registration
Tags image registration, multimodal volume images
Tags International impact, Reviewed
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The main objective is to get spatially aligned multimodality image data of the same scene in order to assembly a vector image with increased amount of information. Segmentation performed in the vector image is supposed to be more reliable and segmented image data can be used for semitransparent 3D visualization.
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