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  1. JAKUBÍK, Daniel, Šimon SUCHOMEL, Ľuboš LUNTER a Michal BRANDEJS. Institutional Repository Driven by Access Rights as a Part of Plagiarism Detection Systems. In Irene Glendinning, Tomáš Foltýnek, Jiří Rybička. Plagiarism Across Europe And Beyond 2017. First edition. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. s. 35-44. ISBN 978-80-7509-493-3.
  2. 2015

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  6. 2014

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  9. 2013

  10. SUCHOMEL, Šimon, Jan KASPRZAK a Michal BRANDEJS. Diverse queries and feature type selection for plagiarism discovery: Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2013. In 2013 Cross Language Evaluation Forum Conference, CLEF 2013, CEUR Workshop Proceedings Volume 1179. Valencia; Spain: CEUR, 2013. s. nestránkováno, 8 s. ISSN 1613-0073.
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  12. 2012

  13. SUCHOMEL, Šimon, Jan KASPRZAK a Michal BRANDEJS. Three Way Search Engine Queries with Multi-feature Document Comparison for Plagiarism Detection. In CLEF2012 Working Notes ; CEUR Workshop Proceedings Vol. 1178. Italy, Rome: Univesity "La Sapienza", 2012. s. 1-12. ISSN 1613-0073.
  14. 2007

  15. SVOBODOVÁ VAŘEKOVÁ, Radka, Zuzana JIROUŠKOVÁ, Jakub VANĚK, Šimon SUCHOMEL a Jaroslav KOČA. Electronegativity Equalization Method: Parameterization and Validation for Large Sets of Organic, Organohalogene and Organometal Molecule. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Basel, Switzerland: MDPI Center, 2007, roč. 2007, č. 8, s. 572-582. ISSN 1422-0067.
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  17. 2006

  18. SVOBODOVÁ VAŘEKOVÁ, Radka, Ivan BARAN a Šimon SUCHOMEL. Vyhledávání biologicky významných motivů v molekulách léků. In Fobia 2006. Telč, 2006.
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