D2DIS05 Preparatory Work on Doctoral Thesis II - Contribution to Discussion at Academic Conference/Seminar

Faculty of Law
Spring 2024
Extent and Intensity
0/0/0. 4 credit(s). Type of Completion: k (colloquium).
Taught in person.
Guaranteed by
doc. JUDr. Ing. Josef Šilhán, Ph.D.
Faculty of Law
Supplier department: Faculty of Law
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The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
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Course objectives
The purpose of the course is to lead the student to  own creative work and to gain experience in active participation in the scientific community. The main goal of the course is to learn the method of preparing discussion papers for conferences, its presentation, mastering the subsequent discussion and processing the feedback received.
Learning outcomes
After completing the course, the student should gain experience with the selection of a topic for a particular conference, as well as the selection of the conference itself so that it is beneficial for his professional development; experience with the preparation of the content and appropriate form of presentation; the actual presentation at the conference; mastering the subsequent discussion; processing the feedback obtained both in terms of the topic addressed (for further processing of the publication output or part of the dissertation) and the ability to better present at conferences
  • The curriculum is developed individually in agreement with the supervisor as part of an individual study plan. In agreement with the supervisor, the student selects a conference relevant to the dissertation topic or a similar topic and discusses the topic of the discussion paper. At the same time, he/she will consult with the supervisor on the progress of the discussion paper, as well as the presentation itself and the subsequent discussion. The conference presentation assessed in the course is normally preceded by practice presentations (with different topics) at less demanding conferences through which the student develops the necessary skills (according to the individual needs of the student identified in collaboration with the supervisor). The assessed course is the culmination or completion of the process of development of the relevant skills; it is not a complete expression of it.
  • Literatura bude upřesněna ve vazbě na téma diskusního příspěvku.
Teaching methods
Individual consultation. Preparation, implementation and evaluation are under the mentorship of a supervisor.
Assessment methods
The evaluation takes place at the follow-up consultation, usually after the supervisor has been present at the conference. The student evaluates his/her presentation, including the discussion, and identifies the lessons learned. The supervisor will evaluate whether the necessary skills have been developed and whether the student has meaningfully evaluated the feedback received.
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