CLDS_a14 Internships Abroad II

Faculty of Arts
Autumn 2022
Extent and Intensity
0/0/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
Taught in person.
doc. PhDr. Zbyněk Fišer, Ph.D. (lecturer)
prof. PhDr. Michaela Soleiman pour Hashemi, CSc. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
doc. PhDr. Zbyněk Fišer, Ph.D.
Department of Czech Literature - Faculty of Arts
Contact Person: Mgr. Veronika Bromová, Ph.D.
Supplier department: Department of Czech Literature - Faculty of Arts
Prerequisites (in Czech)
CLDS_a14 Internships Abroad II
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The subject objective is a journey of the PhD student overseas on an academic internship with the aim of academic research, consultation with scholars abroad, as well as integration of beneficial strategies from abroad to domestic research in literary studies.
Learning outcomes
After completing the subject, the student shall be able:
- to apply the knowledge acquired at the internship to their PhD project;
- to compare domestic and foreign reflections upon the given academic problem;
- to report the enrichment of their academic understanding of the chosen problem back to sending institution;
- to widen the scope of academic writing used for their dissertation project.
  • Syllabus is personalized, an adequate receiving institution shall be chosen with the supervisor according to the focus of the PhD project, which would influence the eventual choice of foreign scholars for consultation, as well.
  • After their return from the internship, the PhD student shall write a report on their stay abroad, and shall incorporate the newly acquired knowledge into their research project.
    required literature
  • Dle zaměření dizertačního projektu.
Teaching methods
Journey abroad, study of academic literature, consultations, lectures.
Assessment methods
Written report on the internship.
Language of instruction
Further comments (probably available only in Czech)
The course is taught each semester.
The course is taught: in blocks.
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