C6215 Advanced biochemistry and its methods

Faculty of Science
Autumn 2024
Extent and Intensity
2/0/0. 4 credit(s). Type of Completion: zk (examination).
Taught in person.
prof. RNDr. Igor Kučera, DrSc. (lecturer)
doc. Mgr. Jan Havliš, Dr. (lecturer)
prof. RNDr. Michaela Wimmerová, Ph.D. (lecturer)
prof. Mgr. Lukáš Žídek, Ph.D. (lecturer)
doc. RNDr. Jan Hejátko, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
prof. RNDr. Igor Kučera, DrSc.
Department of Biochemistry – Chemistry Section – Faculty of Science
Supplier department: Department of Biochemistry – Chemistry Section – Faculty of Science
A BSc degree in Biochemistry or other compatible program
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is offered to students of any study field.
Course objectives
The course will cover selected topics in the area of general and structural biochemistry, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. It will provide a baseline level of knowledge that students can deepen in other core and optional modules.
Learning outcomes
By the end of this course a student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of approaches and methods of modern experimental biochemistry including the basic principles underlying these methods, bioinformatic software and genetic analysis programs, quantitative aspects of enzyme catalysis and inhibition with emphasis to drug action, and major signalling pathways regulating the metabolism.
  • Syllabus
    recommended literature
  • H. Mirzaei, M. Carrasco, Modern Proteomics – Sample Preparation, Analysis and Practical Applications, Springer, ISBN 978-3319414461
  • A. Lesk, Introduction to Genomics, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0198754831
  • VOET, Donald, Judith G. VOET and Charlotte W. PRATT. Principles of biochemistry. 4th ed. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley & Sons. xxxii, 107. ISBN 9781118092446. 2013. info
Teaching methods
Assessment methods
An online test. The test contains forty questions, with four different answers to each of them, of which only one is correct, and the others are incorrect. To pass the exam, you must choose the correct answers for at least 21 questions.
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The course is taught annually.
The course is taught: every week.
The course is also listed under the following terms Autumn 2019, Autumn 2020, autumn 2021, Autumn 2022, Autumn 2023.
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