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Course description: Deep Learning for genomic sequence and biological-image analysis. This interactive workshop will teach the use of machine learning techniques (convolutional and recurrent neural networks) for the analysis of genomic sequences and biological images. The course's target audience is the public interested in bioinformatics who want to learn the use of these novel techniques. No prior machine learning or biological knowledge is necessary. The course will combine recorded presentations and interactive online practical exercises in Python.

Target group: public interested in bioinformatics

Each of the 6 parts is approximately 26.33 minutes of theory (slides and voiceover) followed by a demonstration and time for the viewer to Pause and try the demonstration for themselves using the online resources provided.

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Deep Learning for genomic sequence and biological image analysis.

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Panagiotis Alexiou, PhD
Mgr. David Čechák

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  • Part I: Building a Deep Learning Model

  • I. Introduction and Neurons

  • II. Neural Networks

  • Part II: Deep Learning for Image Recognition

  • I. Convolutional Neural Networks

  • II. Transfer Learning

  • Part III: Deep Learning for Sequential Data

  • I. Tokenization, Numericalization

  • II. Recurrent Neural Networks

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