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Deanprof. Mgr. Jiří Špalek, Ph.D.
vice-dean for strategy and development, 1st vice-deandoc. RNDr. Josef Kunc, Ph.D.
vice-dean for studiesIng. Marie Hladká, Ph.D.
vice-dean for internationalizationIng. Monika Jandová, Ph.D.
Vice-dean for Research, Science and Doctoral Studiesdoc. Ing. Rostislav Staněk, Ph.D.
Vice-dean for Distance Learning, Life-long Learning and QualityIng. Petr Valouch, Ph.D.
Vice-dean for External Relations and PartnershipsIng. Bc. Sylva Žáková Talpová, Ph.D.
faculty bursarIng. Artur Zatloukal
chair of the Academic SenateIng. Dagmar Vágnerová Linnertová, Ph.D.


* Long-term work absence

Part-Time Cooperating Staff