AJ2204 Gramatika B

Pedagogická fakulta
jaro 2022
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Mgr. Renata Jančaříková, Ph.D. (cvičící)
Mgr. Renata Jančaříková, Ph.D.
Katedra anglického jazyka a literatury – Pedagogická fakulta
Kontaktní osoba: Jana Popelková
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra anglického jazyka a literatury – Pedagogická fakulta
Rozvrh seminárních/paralelních skupin
AJ2204/01: Po 16:00–17:50 učebna 53, R. Jančaříková
AJ2204/02: Po 12:00–13:50 učebna 11, R. Jančaříková
AJ2204/03: Čt 15:00–16:50 učebna 10, R. Jančaříková
AJ2204/04: St 10:00–11:50 učebna 64, R. Jančaříková
AJ2204/05: Po 18:00–19:50 učebna 59, R. Jančaříková
AJ2203 Gramatika A
B2 level of English
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Cíle předmětu
The course 'Grammar B' is designed for the 1st year students as a continuation of course Grammar A taught in the previous term. It summarises and develops the students' knowledge of English grammar.
The main objective of the course is to present grammar as a system and study it as a complex whole with focus on functions and meanings and provide the students with meaningful practice. The course builds on the students' knowledge of basic linguistic terminology, which they acquired in the previous course. At the end of the course students should be able to: compare sentences in terms of grammar and meaning; correct mistakes in sentences; provide explanations and examples of their own; analyze stretches of language and justify choices of structures, and identify the speaker's attitudes and intentions.
The course is based on 'A Student's Grammar of the English Language' by Sidney Greenbaum and Randolph Quirk . Topics discussed include: Nouns and determiners, pronouns, Adjectives and adverbs, Prepositions and Prepositional phrases, i.e. chapters 5,6,7,9.
Throughout the semester students are encouraged to link theory in the classroom to practice via practical tasks.
Výstupy z učení
Students will be able to: - understand and explain the characteristic features of the word classes discussed (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions);
- analyze and explain the use of the grammar points discussed in context;
- give their own examples to show understanding of the grammar issues discussed;
- identify and correct the most common mistakes in grammar;
- compare similar items with focus on their use and meaning;
- understand differences between English and Czech grammar to identify possible problems of Czech learners;
  • 1. Nouns - introduction to the word class of the English noun; countability and meaning and their mutual influence; partitive constructions
  • 2. Determiners - introduction - characteristic features of determiners and their position in the noun phrase; more determiners in the same phrase (pre-determiners, central d., post-determiners)
  • 3. Articles - article use with common nouns - generic vs. specific reference, specific definite, specific indefinite; article use in fixed phrases
  • 4. Articles - with proper nouns - place names, geographical units, personal names, etc.
  • 5. Nouns - number - variable vs. invariable nouns, subject-verb agreement; comparison with Czech; typical mistakes due to interference with Czech
  • 6. Nouns - gender in English vs. Czech; dual, common gender, gender markers, people, animals; 's genitive vs. of construction; 's genitive with inanimates; time expressions
  • 7. Pronouns - introduction to the word class of pronouns and their types; personal pronouns
  • 8. Pronouns - demonstrative, reciprocal, reflexive pronouns, interrogative, relative (two types of relative clause)
  • 9. Pronouns - indefinite pronouns and the compounds
  • 10. Adjectives and adverbs - formation
  • 11. Adjectives and adverbs - comparison of adjectives and adverbs
  • 12. Adjectives and adverbs - position and order (attributive vs. predicative)
  • 13. Prepositions and prepositional phrases
    povinná literatura
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  • CHALKER, Sylvia. A student's English grammar : workbook. First published. Harlow: Longman, 1992. 186 stran. ISBN 0582088194. info
    doporučená literatura
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Výukové metody
Group work, pair work, class discussions, written tests, written assignments, online discussions.
Metody hodnocení
Requirements: Compulsory - self-study, all required homework, mid-course test, Moodle self-tests. Optional - Grammar Forum
Methods: lectures, class and group discussions, pair work, homework, online project (contributions to the Grammar Forum)
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Informace učitele
If we have to switch to online classes, students are requested to secure good internet connection in order to participate in online lessons as indicated in the schedule. Students MUST attend these meetings with BOTH THE SOUND AND CAMERA ON.
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