FF FBINMEpCZV Theory of Interactive Media
Name in Czech: Teorie interaktivních médií
lifelong learning in an accredited degree programme, full-time, single-subject
Included in the programme: FF B-INME_ Theory of Interactive Media
Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Profile Cat. Requirement
FF:TIM_B_001Introduction to Interactive Media Studies I J. Macekzk 1/1/05 - -
FF:TIM_B_002Introduction to Interactive Media Studies II J. Horákovázk 1/1/05 - -
FF:TIM_B_003Proseminar_Art of Interactive Media I M. Flašarzk 0/2/05 - -
FF:TIM_B_004Proseminar_art of interactive media II M. Flašarzk 0/2/05 - -
FF:TIM_B_005Cyberculture J. Macekzk 1/1/05 - -
FF:TIM_B_006Visual Culture J. Csereszk 1/1/05 - -
30 credits