FF FNVKDUApH Visual Cultures and Art History
Název anglicky: Visual Cultures and Art History
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Zahrnut v programu: FF N-DUA_ Visual Cultures and Art History

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The final state examination will be divided in two main parts:
1) a discussion on a selection of readings which the students will have to prepare. The readings will be contextualized within their historiographical framework and critically analyzed by each examined student.
The goal of this part of the exam will be to show at the same time a panoramic understanding on the history of the field while being able to grasp scholarship as a historical phenomenon. The readings will be selected by the teachers and presented each year to the students.
2) students will have to show their mastering of the field in presenting three short papers on selected questions outside of their field of specialization. These topics will be chosen in discussion with the teachers of the M.A. Each of them will be from a different period and medium. They should, moreover, be different – in time and medium – from the subject of the M.A. thesis.
The goal of this second segment will be to assess the ability of the student to show that she/he can present an excellent research outside of her/his topic of specialization (M.A. thesis).

Studijní povinnosti

No specific requirements.

Návrh témat kvalifikačních prací a témata obhájených prací

- The Visual Cultures of a Pilgrimage Church: the case of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne
- Constructing Sacred Space through Images: Objects and Decorations of the Church of Santa Prassede in Rome
- Performative Art in Baroque Ceremonies and their Visualization in Seventeenth-Century Rome
- The Representation of Sciences in the Eighteenth-Century Czech Lands
- Constructing Sexual Identity in Modern and Contemporary Art: the Case of Berlin
- Changing Ecology of Art Institutions in XX and XXI Century: the Rise of the Biennial Phenomenon

Doporučený průchod studijním plánem

Compulsory courses

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FF:DU1901Images, Media and Migrations: the Visual Cultures of the Medieval Worlds I. Folettiz 2/0/28 1Z
FF:DU1902Reflections and New Perspectives on Visual Cultures in the Early Modern Period O. Jakubecz 2/0/28 1Z
FF:DU1903Debates and Topics in the Study of Modern and Contemporary Visual Cultures L. Kesnerz 2/0/28 1Z
FF:DU1904Seminar: Transdisciplinary Approaches to Visual Cultures I. Folettizk 0/0/26 1P
30 kreditů

Selective course

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FF:DU1906Laboratory research in Humanities A I. Folettiz 0/2/615 2P
FF:DU1907Laboratory research in Humanities B O. Jakubecz 0/2/615 2P
30 kreditů

M.A. Thesis

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FF:DU1911Seminar to the master thesis I. Folettiz 0/2/615 4P
FF:DU1912Writing of master thesis I. Folettiz 0/0/815 4P
FF:DU1917Final Master State Examination O. Jakubecz 0/0/0- 4P
30 kreditů

Optional courses

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FF:DU1913Article accepted for publication I. Folettiz 0/0/45 --
FF:DU1914Short term internship Z. Frantováz 0/0/45 --
FF:DU1915Participation to a scholarly conference A. Palladinoz 0/0/45 --
FF:DU1916Public lecture A. Palladinoz 0/0/45 --
20 kreditů