DU1901 Images, Media and Migrations: the Visual Cultures of the Medieval Worlds

Filozofická fakulta
podzim 2022
2/0/2. 8 kr. Doporučované ukončení: z. Jiná možná ukončení: zk, k.
prof. Ivan Foletti, MA, Docteur ès Lettres (přednášející)
prof. Ivan Foletti, MA, Docteur ès Lettres
každý lichý čtvrtek 9:00–12:40 K31
No pre-requisites are required.
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Cíle předmětu
The main objective of this course is to introduce the students to the very notion of 'visual culture' in the Middle Ages. Starting with a historiographical reflection on the notion of 'visual culture', the course will attempt to present the main issues and methodological tools in the study of medieval 'visual culture'.
The principal axis of the reflection will revolve around specific media used in the Middle Ages, trying to understand the interaction between space, rituals, and visual culture. The overarching objective of the course is thus to show patterns and semantic categories anchored to the premodern visual culture but relevant also for today.
Výstupy z učení
After completing the course, a student will be able to:
- understand the notion of 'visual culture' into the context of the premodern Mediterranean and global medieval art;
- analyze current research directions in visual studies with a critical gaze and a clear consciousness of historiography;
- know the main media used in the medieval world and their impact on conception, perception, and reception of visual cultures;
- understand the transcultural dimensions of the medieval period, visible into monuments and objects;
- avoid the colonial gaze on past cultures.
  • Introduction: from Riegl to Belting, 'visual cultures' of the Middle Ages;
  • From sculptures to bidimensional images: a mediatic revolution;
  • Devotional images and the birth of the Middle Ages;
  • Shining Images: the invention of wall mosaics, light, and imagination;
  • Murals and frescoes: from Rome to Assisi, and to France. The genesis of narration;
  • Experiencing sacred space: liturgical barriers, divisions, and the question of the visibility;
  • A tactile devotion: objects, reliquaries, and the question of seeing through the other senses;
  • Stained glass windows and the theory of a visible divine presence.
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Výukové metody
Interactive lectures with the use of visual inputs
Metody hodnocení
Oral examination on a selected topic discussed with the teacher. Abstract and full bibliography are requested at latest 2 weeks before the examination.
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