FSS PMC01 Politics, Media, and Communication
Název anglicky: Politics, Media, and Communication
bakalářský prezenční jednooborový
Zahrnut v programu: FSS B-PMC Politics, Media, and Communication

Úvodní informace / Pokyny

To be able to register for the bachelor’s degree final exam, students must earn a total of 180 ECTS credits constituted by no less than 86 ECTS from compulsory courses (A), 16 ECTS from diploma seminars, 76 ECTS from optional courses (B) out of which 10 ECTS can be replaced from out-of-department optional courses (C) offered by other university departments and 2 ECTS from MU Physical Education.

Bachelor thesis

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FSS:PMCb1014Bachelor thesis seminar I. V. Havlíkz 0/0/08 5P
FSS:PMCb1015Bachelor thesis seminar II. V. Havlíkz 0/0/08 6P
16 kreditů

Compulsory courses (A)

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FSS:PMCb1001Introduction to Politics V. Havlíkzk 2/0/06 1Z
FSS:PMCb1002Academic writing V. Havlíkzk 1/1/05 1Z
FSS:PMCb1003Introduction to media and communication studies J. Macekzk 2/0/06 1P
FSS:PMCb1004Media, politics, and society A. Kluknavskázk 2/0/07 2Z
FSS:PMCb1005Basics in social research methodology P. Spáčzk 1/1/07 2Z
FSS:PMCb1006Political and media systems V. Havlíkzk 2/0/07 2Z
FSS:PMCb1007Democracy and media L. Waschková Císařovázk 2/0/07 3Z
FSS:PMCb1008Research on politics and media A. Mackovázk 1/1/07 3Z
FSS:PMCb1009Political communication A. Kluknavskázk 2/0/07 3Z
FSS:PMCb1010Media effects M. Urbánikovázk 2/0/06 4Z
FSS:PMCb1011Basics in Statistics P. Spáčzk 1/1/07 4Z
FSS:PMCb1012Political marketing and campaigning O. Eiblzk 1/1/07 4Z
FSS:PMCb1013Citizens, media and public opinion L. Hrbkovázk 1/1/07 5Z
86 kreditů

Optional courses (B)

The students must gain 76 ECTS from optional courses. 10 ECTS of these 76 may be replaced by out-of-department optional courses (C) offered by other university departments.

Kód Název Garant Ukončení Rozsah Kreditů Semestr Profilace
FSS:PMCb1100Internship V. Havlíkz 0/2/02 3-
FSS:PMCb1101Data visualisation P. Vodazk 1/1/06 5-
FSS:PMCb1102Emotions, the media and politics A. Kluknavskázk 1/1/05 3-
FSS:PMCb1103Fan audiences I. Jansovázk 1/1/05 1-
FSS:PMCb1104International news, soft power and diplomacy M. Metykovázk 1/1/06 5-
FSS:PMCb1105Media and political participation and mobilization A. Mackovázk 1/1/05 3-
FSS:PMCb1106Media representation of marginalized identities I. Jansováz 0/2/04 1-
FSS:PMCb1107Political behavior V. Havlíkzk 1/1/06 3-
FSS:PMCb1108Populist political communication V. Havlíkzk 1/1/06 5-
FSS:PMCb1109Post-communist politics M. Rybářzk 1/1/06 1-
FSS:PMCb1110Public relations in practice V. Havlíkzk 1/1/05 --
FSS:PMCb1111Content analysis A. Kluknavskázk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:PMCb1112Far right and far left and communication V. Stojarovázk 1/1/06 2-
FSS:PMCb1113Money and Politics A. Pinkovázk 1/1/05 2-
FSS:PMCb1114Political psychology L. Hrbkovázk 1/1/05 4-
FSS:PMCb1115Politics, media and civil society A. Pinkovázk 1/1/06 4-
FSS:PMCb1116Reception of socio-political information in the media and on the internet H. Macháčkovázk 1/1/03 4-
FSS:PMCb1117The cultural studies perspective I. Jansovázk 1/1/03 --
FSS:PMCb1118Trust in media A. Mackovázk 1/1/05 --
94 kreditů

MU Physical Education

Students must obtain a minimum of 2 ECTS credits from courses in MU Physical Education.