ESF NAHEA01 Applied Health Economics
Name in Czech: Applied Health Economics
master's full-time single-subject, language of instruction: English English
Included in the programme: ESF N-AHEA Applied Health Economics

Parts of the final state examination and its content

The final state examination consists of the final thesis defence and of the discussion related to the content of profile core courses and fundamental theoretical profile core courses

Suggestion of theses topics and the topics of defended theses

- Healthcare labor in the Czech Republic: current and future needs and new competencies
- The Generalized Risk-Adjusted Cost-Effectiveness (GRACE) in Health Technology Assessment
- Optimization of access and quality in healthcare: regional and demographic aspects
- Aging of the Czech population: effects on health and social sectors
- Conditions for the Assessment and Appraisal of Innovative Health Technologies in selected CEE Countries
- Socio-economic impact on patients and their caregivers for selected ultrarare diagnoses
- Cost-Effectiveness thresholds – barriers or opportunities for access to innovative treatment
- Willingness to Pay for highly innovative health technologies.
- Specificities of assessing the non-pharmacological health technologies
- Transferability of Data from selected HTA towards individual / national health systems settings.
- Impact of pricing policies to utilization of generics and biosimilars

Recommended progress through the study plan

Diplomová práce (min 20kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
ESF:MPV_AHTHDiploma Thesis Assignment J. Soukopováz 0/2/03 2P
ESF:MPV_AHS1Diploma Seminar 1 J. Soukopováz 2/0/012 3P
ESF:MPV_AHS2Diploma Seminar 2 J. Soukopováz 0/2/012 4P
27 credits

Povinné předměty (P a PV více než 90kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PřF:E0420Data Analysis in Biomedical and Environmental Sciences I J. Klánovázk 1/2/02+2 1-
PřF:E2040Introduction to Epidemiology and Environmental Health M. Bobákzk 2/0/02+2 1P
PřF:E2041Introduction to Epidemiology and Environmental Health - practice M. Bobákz 0/2/02 1P
FaF:EAPS1_11Products, Services and Technologies in Healthcare J. Kolářzk 2/0/06 2P
LF:MEES0811Evidence Synthesis - lecture A. Pokornázk 2/0/0 15.3 2-
ESF:MPV_AHEBAHE bootcamp J. Hlávka- 0/0/0- 1-
ESF:MPV_ITHEIntroduction to Health Economics J. Soukopováz 0/2/06 1Z
ESF:MPE_MOIRModelling in R D. Němecz 0/2/04 1-
ESF:MPV_EXCRExcursion J. Hlávkazk 2/0/0- 2-
ESF:MPE_BADABiostatistics and Data Analysis Š. Mikulazk 2/0/06 2P
ESF:MPV_HFARHealthcare Finance and Reimbursement I. Malýz 0/2/05 4-
ESF:MPV_HPPEHealth Policy Planning and Evaluation J. Soukopovázk 2/0/04 3P
ESF:MPV_INRPInternship/Research Project J. Soukopováz 0/2/09 4-
PrF:MV_RHIRegulation of Healthcare Industry F. Křepelkazk 2/0/04 3-
LF:MZVZ0111pIntroduction to Public Health - lecture A. Pokornázk 1/0/0 15.3 1P
LF:MZVZ0111sIntroduction to Public Health - seminar A. Pokornáz 0/2/0 30.3 1P
63 credits

Selective courses

Students select from the list of compulsory elective courses so that they always complete courses with at least 18 ECTS.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
ESF:MPV_EAIHEnterpreneurship and Innovation in Healthcare M. Višňanskýk 2/0/02 1-
ESF:MPV_HEIAHealth Economic Impact Analysis J. Soukopováz 0/2/04 2-
ESF:MPV_ICSHInternational Case Studies in Healthcare M. Višňanskýz 0/2/04 4-
ESF:MPV_IMAFInstitutional Management and Finance I. Malýz 0/2/04 3-
PrF:MPV_PRHealth law - Patients' rights M. Koščíkzk 2/0/04 2-
ESF:MPV_SRMHSurvey Research Methods in Healthcare D. Tóthováz 0/2/04 3-
FSS:SOCn9000Health Inequalities, Measurement and Policies I. Šmídovázk 2/1/08 3-
30 credits