bk2064 Introduction to Track and Field

Faculty of Sports Studies
Autumn 2017
Extent and Intensity
0/7/0. 1 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
Mgr. Adam Hromčík (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Tereza Králová (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
Mgr. Zuzana Hlavoňová, Ph.D.
Division of Athletics - Department of Athletics, Swimming and Outdoor Sports - Faculty of Sports Studies
Supplier department: Division of Athletics - Department of Athletics, Swimming and Outdoor Sports - Faculty of Sports Studies
Timetable of Seminar Groups
bk2064/01: Fri 22. 9. 8:00–9:30 Jana Nečase 1a - atletické hřiště, Fri 13. 10. 8:00–10:15 Jana Nečase 1a - atletické hřiště, Fri 20. 10. 8:45–10:15 Jana Nečase 1a - atletické hřiště, A. Hromčík, T. Králová
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Course objectives
Upon successful completion of the course "Fundamentals of Athletics" will be able to: - apply the correct technique and way run, obstacle course, foundations runs, jump far and coupling way, high jump and flop shot put with a back way - to interpret the optimal technique selected athletic disciplines (runs, long jump, high, shot put) - describe the fundamental flaws in the technical design physical nature of the athletic task - to design a set of physical exercises suitable for correction of errors the technical execution of the move - propose a compensation exercise for each athletic discipline (correction one-sided load) - to design the optimal training load application speed and endurance character due to fitness levels and age group athletes - to interpret the results of the exercise protocols and propose according to their zone settings in sport testers.
  • 1st & 2nd lessons - elementary drills, drive and stride phase, starts, warm-up, cool-down
  • 3rd & 4th lessons - hurdle drills, rhytm drills and hurdle run
  • 5th & 6th lessons - jump drills, high jump
  • 7th & 8th lessons - jump drills, long jump
  • 9th & 10th lessons - throw drills, ball throw, shot put
  • 11th & 12th lessons - relays and race-walking
  • VINDUŠKOVÁ, Jitka. Abeceda atletického trenéra. 1. vyd. Praha: Olympia, 2003. 283 s. ISBN 8070337702. info
  • VELEBIL, Václav. Atletické skoky. 1. vyd. Praha: Olympia, 2002. 114 s. ISBN 8070337699. info
  • RYBA, Jiří. Atletické víceboje. 1. vyd. Praha: Olympia, 2002. 178 s. ISBN 807033584X. info
  • MILLEROVÁ, Věra. Běhy na krátké tratě. 1. vyd. Praha: Olympia, 2002. 283 s. ISBN 807033570X. info
  • KUČERA, Vladimír and Zdeněk TRUKSA. Běhy na střední a dlouhé tratě. 1. vyd. Praha: Olympia, 2000. 287 s. ISBN 8070333243. info
  • VOMÁČKA, Václav. Hody a Vrhy. 1. vyd. Praha: Olympia, 1980. 160 s., 15. info
Teaching methods
Practical exercises carried out at the athletic stadium.
Assessment methods
Credits are obtained after fulfillment of the requirements:
  • active attendence in lessons (1 missed lesson is allowed)
  • ability to perform 3 randomly selected running and hurdle drill excercise
  • active participance on cross-country race
  • running over 6 hurdle (4-step rhytm and school-boys height)
  • ability to demontrate shot putting and ball throwing
  • test (10 questions, 70 % correct answers is needed, multiple-choice)
  • Language of instruction
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