Discovery is an online service that makes it possible to use a single interface for searching publications saved in dozens of databases which Masaryk University subscribes to. The service is provided at the address

This tutorial will briefly show how to use Discovery when searching for a publication.

After clicking on this button, the text usually displays in PDF or HTML.

In this case the text is available at the SpringerLink website that is subscribed by Masaryk University. If this is not the case, you can search for the publication in one of the library catalogues or ask directly in your library if they can obtain the required document for you via interlibrary loan (ILL).

The links themselves serve as the Full Text Finder service, i.e. after clicking on it the website of the respective journal/book would open, where we could find the required information.

If the title you are searching for is not on the list, again we recommend verifying whether the text is not already freely available on the Internet. If not, ask your librarian to obtain it via the interlibrary loan service (ILL).

We have introduced the Discovery service. We hope that you will use it and that it will help you access scientific literature.