Practice in forming search queries

We have prepared an exercise for how to form search queries. You will find a couple of topics below for which you can create a search query. The next page will show you the solution to this exercise.


Affinity chromatography and its application for separating dehydrogenases.

affinit* AND chromatograph* AND (separat* OR disjoin* OR secess* OR seclus*) AND dehydrogenas*

Diagnosis of bacterial meningitis and its consequences

bacter* AND meningit* AND (diagnos* OR (consequence* OR complicat* OR result*))

Pralidoxime treatment of organophosphate poisoning

(treatment* OR therap* OR cur* OR medication*) AND organophosphat* AND pralidoxim*

Medical rehabilitation plan and approach after traumatic impairment of the spine.

(treat* OR rehabilit*) AND (plan* OR process*) AND (traum* OR injur* OR wound* OR harm*) AND spin*

Possible vectors of Borrelia burgdorferi other than the castor bean tick, Ixodes ricinus.

("Borrelia burgdorferi" AND vector*) NOT "Ixodes Ricinus"

Uncooperative patients in paediatric dentistry

uncooperat* AND (dent* OR stomatolog*) AND (child* OR pediatric* OR paediatric* OR infant*)

Pentacam and lenses examination

pentacam* AND lens AND (examin* OR diagnos*)

Appliances principles, examination methodology and tests’ overview for determining the quality of colour vision

instrument* AND (examinat* OR test*) AND color* AND vision*

Appropriate alcohol consumption as a factor protecting vessels

moderat* AND (alcohol* OR ehanol*) AND (intak* OR consumpt*) AND (HLD OR atheroprotect* OR "protective factor" OR "myocardial infarction")

Gene expression regulation with small interfering miRNA

regulat* AND gene* AND express* AND (miRNA OR "micro RNA")

Examination lenses – principle of light beams passage and its uses

(lens* OR lentil*) AND (investigat* OR contact*) AND (optic* OR ophthalm*) AND (laser* OR ray*)

The solutions provided above may obviously differ from your answers as far as the choice of key words is concerned. The key words may differ due to your knowledge of medical terminology in the given field. The main thing is the structure of the query, i.e. whether the words are connected in the appropriate way, and whether appropriate Boolean operators, wildcard characters, etc. were used.