BPE_MIC1 Microeconomics 1

Ekonomicko-správní fakulta
podzim 2022
2/2/0. 8 kr. Ukončení: zk.
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Ing. Michal Kvasnička, Ph.D. (přednášející)
Dali Tsintskiladze Laxton (přednášející)
Dali Tsintskiladze Laxton (cvičící)
Ing. Michal Kvasnička, Ph.D.
Katedra ekonomie - Ekonomicko-správní fakulta
Kontaktní osoba: Mgr. Jarmila Šveňhová
Dodavatelské pracoviště: Katedra ekonomie - Ekonomicko-správní fakulta
Pá 13:00–14:50 P312, kromě Pá 16. 9., kromě Pá 4. 11.
  • Rozvrh seminárních/paralelních skupin:
BPE_MIC1/01: Pá 15:00–16:50 P312, kromě Pá 16. 9., kromě Pá 4. 11., D. Tsintskiladze Laxton
(! BPE_MIE1 Mikroekonomie 1 ) && (! BKE_MIE1 Mikroekonomie 1 ) && (! BPE_AMIC1 Microeconomics 1 ) && (! NOWANY ( BPE_MIE1 Mikroekonomie 1 , BKE_MIE1 Mikroekonomie 1 , BPE_AMIC1 Microeconomics 1 ))
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Cíle předmětu
In this course students will learn the basic principles of Microeconomics. They will get acquainted with the concept of preference, cost, revenue, elasticity, supply, demand, firm, market, externality etc., and their mutual relationship. The students will understand the operation of the market process and structure. They will be able to use the microeconomic analytical tools to describe and analyze the real world cases, and avoid usual analytical errors. They will understand consequences of changes of demand, cost, market structure, and basic policy changes.
Výstupy z učení
At the end of this course, students will be able to understand and explain when markets are good solution to mundane problem and when the government can improve its results. They will be also prepared to study microeconomics on the intermediate level in the consequent course.
  • 1. Introduction into Economics
  • 2. Interdependence and Gains from Trade
  • 3. Market Forces of Supply and Demand
  • 4. Elasticity and Its Applications
  • 5. Consumers, Producers and Efficiency of Markets
  • 6. Theory of Consumer Choice
  • 7. Cost of Production
  • 8. Firms in Competitive Markets
  • 9. Monopoly and Monopolistic Competition
  • 10. Oligopoly
  • 11. Markets for Factors of Production
  • 12. Externalities
  • 13. Pulbic Goods and Common Resources
    povinná literatura
  • MANKIW, N. Gregory. Principles of Economics. 8. vyd. South-Western College Pub, 2017. 836 s. ISBN 1-305-58512-7. info
Výukové metody
Lectures and tutorials.
Metody hodnocení
The credit is awarded based on 1) student's performance in tutorials including three in-class problem sets, and 2) written multiple-choice test. Any copying, recording or leaking tests, use of unauthorized tools, aids and communication devices, or other disruptions of objectivity of exams (credit tests) will be considered non-compliance with the conditions for course completion as well as a severe violation of the study rules. Consequently, the teacher will finish the exam (credit test) by awarding grade "F" in the Information System, and the Dean will initiate disciplinary proceedings that may result in study termination Students in this course are expected to adhere to the Masaryk University’s high standards of integrity as spelled out in the Disciplinary Code for Students and Directive N.3/2008. Anyone who cheats on tests or exams, will be subject to the penalties set forth in the Code.
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Informace učitele
Note to the teacher: The syllabus must stay this way with the exception of the evaluation methods. The course has to be identical in content and testing with Czech course BPE_MIE1. Yes, it means that you are not permitted to change anything except the evaluation methods part of this syllabus. If in doubts, contact Michal Kvasnička, office 511, email michal.kvasnicka@econ.muni.cz.
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