VSCJ0484 Čeština pro cizince IV

Lékařská fakulta
jaro 2010
0/2/0. 4 kr. kredity B. Ukončení: zk.
PhDr. Marta Severová (cvičící), doc. PhDr. Elena Marečková, CSc. (zástupce)
Mgr. Maria Možná (cvičící)
PhDr. Ivana Rešková, Ph.D. (cvičící), Mgr. Jarmila Šafránková (zástupce)
Mgr. Jarmila Šafránková (cvičící)
PhDr. Jana Vyorálková (pomocník)
Mgr. Jarmila Šafránková
Oddělení Centra jazykového vzdělávání na Lékařské fakultě - Centrum jazykového vzdělávání
Kontaktní osoba: Mgr. Jarmila Šafránková
VSCJ0383 Čeština pro cizince III -c
The main aim of the course Czech for Foreigners is to teach students communicate with patients in Czech without any help of English speaking doctors or interpreters and independently write case history. Second year students can understand basic vocabulary and phrases related to their immediate specific surrounding, such as personal information, information about their studies and jobs. Students are also able to understand the meaning of short, simple notes and messages, read short, simple texts, find specific information in simple materials, and understand short, simple personal letters. Students can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities. Students can use a series of phrases to describe in simple terms their family, educational background and their job. Students can write short, simple notes and messages related to matters in areas of their immediate needs and very simple letters.
Omezení zápisu do předmětu
Předmět je určen pouze studentům mateřských oborů.
Mateřské obory/plány
Cíle předmětu
The aim of the tuition is working knowledge of the Czech language on the A1 level of the "Common European Framework of Reference" (CEFR)(Independent User) checked by an examination.
  • Czech for Foreigners. Syllabus.
  • 1st - 3rd weeks: LESSON 7: Revision Lesson:Conversation: My Family. Getting around Hospital. Grammar: Dative of Singular and Plural in Nouns, Adjectives, Pronouns and Numeral "one". Past Tense. Basic Czech Conjunctions.
  • 4th - 8th weeks: LESSON 8: Conversation: What was I doing yesterday? Shopping. Patients Perceptions of their Hospital Stay. Grammar: Phrases with the Verb in the Conditional. Genitive Case of the Adjectives and Pronouns in Singular.
  • 9th - 13th weeks: LESSON 8: Conversation: Leisure Time. Sports, Tourism. Present Feelings. Sleep Pattern. Diet and Fluids. Grammar: Genitive of Plural in Nouns, Adjectives and Pronouns. Prepositions which take the Genitive. Conditional. Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs.
  • 14th - 15th weeks: LESSON 1 - 8: Revision Lesson. Conversation: Vision and Hearing. Final Test.
  • REMEDIOSOVÁ, H. a E. ČECHOVÁ. Chcete mluvit česky? / Do you want to speak Czech? Textbook 1. A communicative course of contemporary Czech for English speakers (beginning to intermediate level). 5. vyd. Liberec: Harry Putz, 2005. 414 s. ISBN 80-86727-04-1. info
  • Kolektiv autorek. Czech for beginners : Čeština pro začátečníky. 2. přeprac. a dopl. vyd. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, 1997. 210 s. ISBN 80-210-1648-5. info
  • GRUNDOVÁ, Dominika. Needs of Patients. Czech-English Phrasebook for Beginners. 2., revid. vyd. Praha: Eurolex Bohemia, 2004. 104 s. ISBN 80-86432-86-6. info
  • The first title is obligatory, the other two are recommended.
Výukové metody
The tuition is realised in the form of practical courses.
Metody hodnocení
The tuition is realised in the form of practical courses. The students' presence in these courses is required; two absences are tolerated. The tuition is finished by an end-of-term examination (ETE) consisting of a written and an oral part. Passing the examination is conditioned by proper presence and active participation in practical courses.
Vyučovací jazyk
Informace učitele
Actual information about the subject, consultation hours, etc. is accessible on the notice boards at the Foreign Languages Department. Contact with teachers is provided by the secretary of the department (Komenského nám. 2) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 09.00 to 11.00 hours, on Wednesdays from 12.00 to 14.00 hours; tel.: 549 498 170.
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