FF FDLIAJpJ Literatures in English
Name in Czech: Literatury v angličtině
doctoral full-time
Included in the programme: FF D-LIAJ_ Literatures in English

Introductory information / Instructions

Students take all compulsory subjects and gain the remaining credits from the selection of elective courses and optional courses.

Compulsory courses

Students are required take the following compulsory courses. The subjects Publication, Conference, Study stay abroad, and Foreign language are offered each semester.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJ34003Conference Participation I T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34004Conference Participation II T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34006Publication I T. Pospíšilz 0/0/010 --
FF:AJ34009International Research Stay I T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34010Foreign Language I J. Chamonikolasovázk 0/0/04 --
FF:AJ34030Research Activities T. Pospíšilz 0/0/010 --
FF:AJ34110The Profession of English M. Horákovázk 0/0/0 Bloková výuka.15 --
FF:AJ34120Literary Value and Canonicity M. Kaylorzk 0/0/0 Bloková výuka.15 --
FF:AJ34140Selected Chapters in Literary and Cultural Theory T. Pospíšilzk 0/0/015 --
FF:AJ34210Doctoral Seminar I T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34350Doctoral Exam T. PospíšilSDzk 0/0/010 --
FF:AJ38400Doctoral Dissertation Proposal T. Pospíšilz 0/0/0 Blokový seminář.5 --
FF:AJ39400Doctoral Dissertation T. Pospíšilz 0/0/025 --
FF:NARD50Methodology of literary criticism B. Fořtzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:PHDZ1Philosophy for doctoral studies 1 J. Krobz 0/0/0 6x2 hodiny.10 --
154 credits

Selective courses

Students choose at least three elective courses.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJ34130Constructing the Book, Reconstructing the Text M. Kaylorzk 0/0/0 Bloková výuka.15 --
FF:AJ34160Film Adaptations of English Speaking LIteratures T. Pospíšilzk 0/0/0 Bloková výuka.15 --
FF:CLDS_a26Methods, analysis and interpretations Z. Fišerzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:CLDS_a27Intermediality and adaptation P. Bubeníčekzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:NARD51Fiction and fictionality B. Fořtzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:NJDSL4_31Chapters from the world literature A. Urválekz 0/0/0 blok.15 --
FF:ROMDJKMultilingualism and cultural interfaces P. Kyloušekzk 0/0/0 blok.15 --
105 credits

Volitené předměty

Students have also the opportunity to gain more credits by enrolling in the following optional subjects. The subjects "publication", "conference", "study stay abroad" and "text seminar" are offered every semester.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AJ34005Conference Participation III T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34007Publication II T. Pospíšilz 0/0/010 --
FF:AJ34008Publication III T. Pospíšilz 0/0/010 --
FF:AJ34011International Research Stay II T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34012International Research Stay III T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34013International Research Stay IV T. Pospíšilz 0/0/05 --
FF:AJ34014Textual Production T. Pospíšilz 0/0/020 --
60 credits