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  1. UKROP, Martin, Valdemar ŠVÁBENSKÝ a Jan NEHYBA. Reflective Diary for Professional Development of Novice Teachers. In Proceedings of the 50th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE’19). Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA: ACM, 2019. s. 1088-1094, 7 s. ISBN 978-1-4503-5890-3. doi:10.1145/3287324.3287448.
  2. 2018

  3. ŠŤAVOVÁ, Vlasta, Lenka DĚDKOVÁ, Martin UKROP a Václav MATYÁŠ. A large-scale comparative study of beta testers and regular users. Communications of the ACM, New York, NY, USA: ACM, 2018, roč. 61, č. 2, s. 64-71. ISSN 0001-0782. doi:10.1145/3173570.
  4. ŠŤAVOVÁ, Vlasta, Lenka DĚDKOVÁ, Václav MATYÁŠ, Mike JUST, David ŠMAHEL a Martin UKROP. Experimental large-scale review of attractors for detection of potentially unwanted applications. Computers & Security, Oxford: Elsevier, 2018, Volume 76, July, s. 92-100. ISSN 0167-4048. doi:10.1016/j.cose.2018.02.017.
  5. UKROP, Martin a Václav MATYÁŠ. Why Johnny the Developer Can't Work with Public Key Certificates: An Experimental Study of OpenSSL Usability. In Nigel P. Smart. Topics in Cryptology – CT-RSA 2018: The Cryptographers' Track at the RSA Conference 2018. Švýcarsko: Springer International Publishing, 2018. s. 45-64, 514 s. ISBN 978-3-319-76953-0. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-76953-0_3.
  6. 2017

  7. ŠŤAVOVÁ, Vlasta, Václav MATYÁŠ, Mike JUST a Martin UKROP. Factors Influencing the Purchase of Security Software for Mobile Devices - Case Study. Infocommunications Journal, Scientific Association for Infocommunications, 2017, roč. 9, č. 1, s. 18-23. ISSN 2061-2079.
  8. 2016

  9. UKROP, Martin a Petr ŠVENDA. Avalanche Effect in Improperly Initialized CAESAR Candidates. In Jan Bouda, Lukáš Holík, Jan Kofroň, Jan Strejček, Adam Rambousek. Proceedings 11th Doctoral Workshop on Mathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer Science, Telč, Czech Republic, 21st-23rd October 2016. 233. vyd. Online: Open Publishing Association, 2016. s. 72-81, 10 s. ISSN 2075-2180. doi:10.4204/EPTCS.233.7.
  10. KUBÍČEK, Karel, Jiří NOVOTNÝ, Petr ŠVENDA a Martin UKROP. New results on reduced-round Tiny Encryption Algorithm using genetic programming. Infocommunications Journal, Budapest: Scientific Association for Infocommunications, 2016, roč. 8, č. 1, s. 2-9. ISSN 2061-2079.
  11. 2014

  12. SÝS, Marek, Petr ŠVENDA, Martin UKROP a Václav MATYÁŠ. Constructing empirical tests of randomness. In Mohammad S. Obaidat, Andreas Holzinger and Pierangela Samarati. SECRYPT 2014 Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Security and Cryptography. Portugal: SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications, 2014. s. 229-237, 9 s. ISBN 978-989-758-045-1. doi:10.5220/0005023902290237.
  13. ŠVENDA, Petr, Martin UKROP a Václav MATYÁŠ. Determining Cryptographic Distinguishers for eStream and SHA-3 Candidate Functions with Evolutionary Circuits. In Mohammad S. Obaidat, Joaquim Filipe. E-Business and Telecommunications. Berlin: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014. s. 290-305, 16 s. ISBN 978-3-662-44787-1. doi:10.1007/978-3-662-44788-8_17.
  14. 2013

  15. ŠVENDA, Petr, Martin UKROP a Václav MATYÁŠ. Towards cryptographic function distinguishers with evolutionary circuits. In Pierangela Samarati. Proceedings of SECRYPT 2013, 10th International Conference on Security and Cryptography. Portugal: SCITEPRESS, 2013. s. 135-146, 12 s. ISBN 978-989-8565-73-0.
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