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English with CELTA trainees

  • we open courses A2/A2+ and B2/B2+ levels,
  • the courses run from February 14 to May 16, 2023
  • the courses are designed to develop and improve your communicative skills and expand your vocabulary,
  • the courses are taught by by CELTA programme trainees, supervised by their experienced CELTA tutors
  • the courses take place near the historical city centre, within walking distance from Česká street, in Veveří 26; they are held on University premises in air-conditioned, multimedia classrooms.

    In order to pass their training, our CELTA trainees need to teach a full class. So, to keep you coming back to class every week, the more lessons you attend the more money back you get:

    If you attend 100% of the course you will get 1000Kč back - this means that the course will only cost you 900Kč!
    If you attend 85% of the course (12 lessons) you will get 800Kč back - this means that the course will only cost you 1100Kč.
    In order to be eligible to get part of your money back, you must attend lessons on the following dates: 14. March, 11. April, 2. May and 9. May.

TPA2: English with CELTA trainees A2

Level: A2/A2+
Lessons on: Tuesday (4:30pm – 6:40pm)
Teacher: CELTA trainees

1 630 CZK
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TPB2: English with CELTA trainees B2

Level: B2/B2+
Lessons on: Tuesday (4:45pm – 6:55pm)
Teacher: CELTA trainees

1 900 CZK
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