F4210 Physical laboratory 3

Faculty of Science
Spring 2017
Extent and Intensity
0/3/0. 5 credit(s). Type of Completion: z (credit).
doc. Mgr. Pavel Dvořák, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Jaroslav Hnilica, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
doc. Mgr. Pavel Souček, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
prof. Mgr. Petr Vašina, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
prof. RNDr. Jana Musilová, CSc.
Department of Physical Electronics - Physics Section - Faculty of Science
Contact Person: doc. Mgr. Pavel Dvořák, Ph.D.
Supplier department: Department of Physical Electronics - Physics Section - Faculty of Science
Timetable of Seminar Groups
F4210/01: Mon 20. 2. to Mon 22. 5. Tue 14:00–16:50 Fp3,01001, P. Vašina
F4210/02: Mon 20. 2. to Mon 22. 5. Wed 11:00–13:50 Fp3,01001, J. Hnilica
F4210/03: Mon 20. 2. to Mon 22. 5. Mon 9:00–11:50 Fp3,01001, P. Dvořák
F4210/04: Mon 20. 2. to Mon 22. 5. Wed 14:00–16:50 Fp3,01001, P. Souček
F4210/05: Mon 20. 2. to Mon 22. 5. Tue 9:00–11:50 Fp3,01001, P. Dvořák
Prerequisites (in Czech)
F2180 Physical laboratory 1
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
Course objectives
The course increases practical ability of students to measure physical phenomena and to analyze the measurements. Most of the tasks is related to the atomic physics.
  • Photomultiplier
  • Thermoelectron emission
  • Movement of electrons in electric and magnetic field.
  • Estimation of discharge temperature by means of optical emission spectroscopy.
  • Gap width in semiconductors.
  • Franck-Hertz experiment.
  • Operational amplifier
  • Rutherford effect.
  • Millikan experiment.
  • Zeeman effect.
  • ftp://ftp.muni.cz/pub/muni.cz/physics/education/textbook/praktikum3.pdf
  • BROŽ, Jaromír. Základy fyzikálních měření. Sv. 1. 1. vyd. Praha: Státní pedagogické nakladatelství, 1983. 669 s. info
Teaching methods
Experimental work, measurement.
Assessment methods
Presence is mandatory, a protocol from each exercise is demanded.
Language of instruction
Further Comments
Study Materials
The course is taught annually.
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The course is also listed under the following terms Spring 2008 - for the purpose of the accreditation, Spring 2011 - only for the accreditation, Spring 2000, Spring 2001, Spring 2002, Spring 2003, Spring 2004, Spring 2005, Spring 2006, Spring 2007, Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, spring 2012 - acreditation, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Spring 2021.
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