General recommendations

  • University measures due to coronavirus

    Operation of Masaryk University follows a university traffic-light system, whose rating is determined by the MU Crisis Board, taking into account the governmental traffic-light for the Brno-City district. MU faculties, and institutes may declare a higher level of alert.

  • Get feedback from students

    Don't be afraid to ask students what they prefer. We're all in the same boat. Just as teachers are in a difficult situation, looking after their children or even their parents, students can be in a difficult situation too (poor internet connection, inability to work on some tasks and questionnaires while working with people, difficult study conditions). However you choose the concept of your lessons - self-study and videos, ROPOT testing or online lessons and consultations, etc.) - check with your students if this is a good way of course completion.

  • Share your experience

    The situation we are in now is new to all of us. Help your colleagues. Share your experience, share what works for you. Give your colleagues tips on how you maintain the quality of your teaching and how to pass on knowledge to students. Don’t be afraid to share even negative experiences (for example, if students do not react to the activity or the atmosphere of a lesson is not achieved, etc.), because this also moves us further.

Usefull information

Start with IS MU: Tips for IS MU not only for new teachers First year students: Tips for IS MU not only for new students

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User Support for E-learning (e-technicians)

Contact for support of e-learning in IS MU: Homework vaults, ROPOTs, Interactive syllabus consultations …

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