I need students to give presentation

The current situation and it's measures makes it difficult to give student's presentations as in contact teaching. You can offer students to upload their presentations in the form of video and submit them into the Depository in the IS MU.

  • Recording yourself in PowerPoint

    One of the options for students to record a video presentation is to use the MS PowerPoint directly. Look at the video tutorial:


    Beware! If it's required to see student's gesticulation, it is only available at devices with MS Windows operating system. To record slides and the image from webcamera at MacOS devices, use program QuickTime (on the page choose QuickTime for Mac – screen recording and video with face camera).


    • Make a copy of the original presentation
    • Expect longer export to MP4 (depending on the performance of your PC, it can take up to multiples of the length of the recorded presentation)
    • While recording, you cannot move backwards in the presentation (navigate to I want to give lecture from different program)
    • Do not speak while transitioning between slides
    • First, record a short testing section and play it - this will verify the functionality and the correct volume of the microphone
    • Beware: if you use PowerPoint for Mac, you cannot record a webcam image directly in the presentation
    • How to upload the student's presentation into the Depository?
  • I will record myself using camera/smartphone

    One of the options of how to record a presentation is to use a smart device (smartphone, tablet).

    1. Place the device so that it records you and the computer screen with slides

    2. If you do not have a suitable tripod, you can place the device on a cabinet, or ask someone in the household to film you.

    3. Upload the finished presentation into the Depository in IS MU and create a HTML5 video player (instructions are at the end of video tutorial for MS PowerPoint).


    Example of the final video