Leading seminars

Adjusting seminars to remote teaching is one of the biggest challenges. What was easily and quickly solved in group of 15 students is suddenly very difficult to execute remotely from home. Very practically focused exercises, for example where students need to hold the pipette properly, examine the patient with touch or archaeological work in the terrain can hardly be converted into a distance form.

Teachers are trying various forms of online learning using different tools, for example they assign individual work to students and are available only for consultations, or encourage students to discuss with each other in discussion groups, or to let them evaluate each others work.

Let's take a look at the most creative chapter of this website and get inspired by your colleagues' ideas (which we gather and gradually add for you):

Teachers’ experiences and tips

  • I need to meet online

    Various tools and services are available to make online meetings available to small groups of students. Whether it's MS Teams purchased by a university, Google Hangouts Meet or Zoom and more. Common features teachers use are:

    • student's screen sharing - students can show and comment their presentation, text , graphs or pictures on their computer
    • chat - you can collect questions through the seminar using chat, and answer them afterwards
    • blackboard simulation - used by the teacher to draw simple diagrams or drawings

    Tutorials for individual online tools

  • We count on the seminar

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  • I need to manage discussion of students

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