PV176 MS Windows Systems Management II

Faculty of Informatics
Spring 2009
Extent and Intensity
1/2. 3 credit(s) (plus extra credits for completion). Recommended Type of Completion: zk (examination). Other types of completion: k (colloquium), z (credit).
Mgr. Lukáš Patka (lecturer)
RNDr. Šimon Suchomel, Ph.D. (lecturer)
Mgr. Pavel Tuček (lecturer)
Ing. Pavel Babinec (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Vít Bukač, Ph.D. (seminar tutor)
Mgr. Jakub Dobrovolný (seminar tutor)
Guaranteed by
prof. RNDr. Václav Matyáš, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Department of Computer Systems and Communications - Faculty of Informatics
Mon 9:00–9:50 D2
  • Timetable of Seminar Groups:
PV176/01: Mon 10:00–11:50 A104, P. Tuček
PV176/02: Mon 12:00–13:50 A104, P. Babinec
PV176/03: Tue 14:00–15:50 A104, V. Bukač
PV176/04: Wed 8:00–9:50 A104, J. Dobrovolný
PV176/05: Wed 14:00–15:50 A104, J. Dobrovolný
PV176/06: Tue 10:00–11:50 A104, P. Babinec
PV176/07: Tue 12:00–13:50 A104, V. Bukač
PV175 MS Windows Management I || SOUHLAS
Knowledge of operating systems fundamentals (at least comparable to PB152 Operating Systems course). User experience with Windows 2000 or later. It is recommended to complete the PV175 MS Windows Systems Management I course.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is also offered to the students of the fields other than those the course is directly associated with.
The capacity limit for the course is 105 student(s).
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Course objectives
The course provides students with solid knowledge needed for designing, implementing and managing the Active Directory (AD) network by means of MS Windows Server operating system. This knowledge includes introduction to logical and physical AD structure, account policy implementation, domain controllers replication, security management, AD backup or remote software installation via group policies. The lessons are realised on Windows 2003 Server.
  • Introduction and Installation of Windows 2003 Server and Active Directory (AD).
  • AD Logical Structure. Domains, Organizational Units, Accounts.
  • AD Physical Structure. Domain Controllers, Sites, Replication.
  • GPO - Group Policy Objects; Software Installation.
  • AD Backup, Operation Masters Roles.
  • OSIF, Michal. Windows server 2003. 1. vyd. Praha: Grada, 2003. 612 s. ISBN 8024703963. info
  • OSIF, Michal. Windows Server 2003 :. 1. vyd. Praha: Grada, 2003. 623 s. ISBN 8024703955. info
  • ALLEN, Robbie and Alistair G. LOWE-NORRIS. Active Directory: Second Edition. Praha: Grada Publishing, a.s., 2005. 648 pp. ISBN 80-247-0973-2. info
Assessment methods
Lectures and mandatory exercises (1 + 2 hours / week). Both the course and exam are in Czech. The exam consists of a written test and practical part.
Language of instruction
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The course is taught annually.
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