VLKF091 Clinical Pharmacology

Faculty of Medicine
Autumn 2000
Extent and Intensity
1/0/0. 1 credit(s). Type of Completion: k (colloquium).
prof. MUDr. Alexandra Šulcová, CSc. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Eva McCaskey Hadašová, CSc. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Miroslav Penka, CSc. (lecturer), prof. MUDr. Alexandra Šulcová, CSc. (deputy)
MUDr. Jan Příborský, CSc. (lecturer), prof. MUDr. Alexandra Šulcová, CSc. (deputy)
prof. MUDr. Jindřich Špinar, CSc. (lecturer)
prof. MUDr. Jiří Vítovec, CSc. (lecturer)
MUDr. Rostislav Vyzula, CSc. (lecturer)
Guaranteed by
prof. MUDr. Alexandra Šulcová, CSc.
Department of Pharmacology - Theoretical Departments - Faculty of Medicine
Contact Person: prof. MUDr. Alexandra Šulcová, CSc.
Course Enrolment Limitations
The course is only offered to the students of the study fields the course is directly associated with.
fields of study / plans the course is directly associated with
  • 1.Side effects of drugs: useful and adverse, their mechanisms. Epidemiology of adverse drug effects, how to diagnose them, how to avoid them.
  • 2.Evidence-based medicine, risks of pharmacotherapy.
  • 3.Managing of coagulation disorders using antithrombotic drugs.
  • 4.Clinical pharmacology of "new" antineoplastic agents, drug mechanisms, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, use in clinical therapy.
  • 5.Clinical pharmacology of agents used in therapy of heart failure, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic peculiarities with regard to function of liver and kidneys.
  • 6.Therapy of acute heart attack and following treatment, peculiarities with regard to impaired heart functions.
  • 7.Pitfalls and peculiarities of pharmacotherapy in elderly.
  • 8. colloquium
Assessment methods (in Czech)
7 dvouhodinových přednášek, poslední 8 přednáška ukončení a KOLOKVIUM - multivýběrový test
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The course can also be completed outside the examination period.
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