FF FNPVpH Auxiliary Historical Sciences
Name in Czech: Pomocné vědy historické
master's full-time major
Included in the programme: FF N-PV_ Auxiliary Historical Sciences

Recommended progress through the study plan

Diplomová práce (min 20kr.)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:PV2A315Master's Dissertation Seminar I D. Havelz 0/2/010 3P
FF:PV2A316Master's Dissertation Seminar II D. Havelz 0/2/010 4P
FF:PV2A317Master of Arts Dissertation D. Havelz 0/0/0- 4-
20 credits

Compulsory courses

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:CJBB138Old Czech Language M. Boháčovázk 2/0/04 1-
FF:PV2A300Editions of Medieval Diplomatic Sources I D. Havelz 1/1/03 1Z
FF:PV2A301Editions of Middle Age Diplomatic Material II D. Havelz 1/1/03 2Z
FF:PV2A302Editions of Modern Age Dipl. Material Z. Svitákz 0/2/03 4Z
FF:PV2A303Seminar on Editing H. Krmíčkováz 0/2/04 2P
FF:PV2A304Seminar on Medieval Diplomatics and Sphragistics D. Havelz 0/2/03 2Z
FF:PV2A305Seminar on Modern Diplomatics Z. Svitákz 0/2/03 3Z
FF:PV2A308Registry Editing Techniques P. Elbelz 0/2/03 3P
FF:PV2A310Auxiliary Historical Sciences – German Terminology P. Elbelzk 2/0/04 4-
FF:PV2A311Medieval Latin I H. Krmíčkováz 1/1/03 1-
FF:PV2A312Medieval Latin II H. Krmíčkovázk 1/1/04 2-
FF:PV2A313Medieval German and the Fundamentals of the Development of the Language V. Bromz 2/0/03 1-
FF:PV2A314Early Modern and Modern German V. Bromzk 1/1/04 2-
44 credits

Selective courses

Blok A

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AR2A300The History of Archival Science Z. Svitákzk 1/0/04 --
FF:AR2A306Autographs of the 18th - 20th Century D. Havelz 2/0/04 --
FF:CJBA18Historical Toponomastics J. Pleskalovák 2/0/04 --
FF:PV2B110Digital Codicology and Palaeography D. Havelz 1/1/04 --
FF:PV2A306Interpretative Seminar I – Scriptoria and Offices D. Havelz 0/2/04 --
FF:PV2A307Interpretative Seminar II – Imperial Diplomatics P. Elbelz 0/2/04 --
FF:PV2A309Cataloguing Medieval and Early Modern books J. Dufkaz 0/2/04 --
FF:PV2B100Reading German Medieval Charters I – Imperial and Royal Charters K. Hruzaz 4/0/04 --
FF:PV2B101Reading German Medieval Charters II – Private Charters K. Hruzaz 4/0/04 --
FF:PV2B105Medieval Fridays: selected issues from Medieval history from an interdisciplinary perspective D. Kalhousz 3/0/03 --
FF:PV2B107Early Modern Church Diplomatics with Reference to the Czech Lands T. Černušákz 1/0/02 --
FF:PV2B111Digital Humanities in Research A. Zavřelováz 2/2/05 --
FF:PV2B112High Medieval Imperial Charters and the Editorial Practice of the MGH A. Rzihacekz 4/0/04 --
FF:PV2B200From the source to the written text.New trends in hist.methodology and their applic. in research I K. Hübnerováz 0/2/05 --
FF:PV2B201From the source to the written text II.New trends in hist.methodology and their appl.in research II K. Hübnerováz 0/2/05 --
FF:PV2B202Practical Experience in Memory Institutions II S. Bártaz 0/40/0 3 týdny souvislé praxe v rozsahu 120 hodin.4 --
64 credits

Blok B

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
FF:AR1A323Fundamentals of Monetary Development for Archivists D. Grossmannovák 1/1/03 --
FF:AR1A334Church Administration P. Elbelk 1/1/03 --
FF:AR1B101Municipal Administration J. Štouračovák 1/0/02 --
FF:AR1B105Sources on 19th-Century Military History M. Svobodaz 0/2/02 --
FF:AR1B107How to Study Towns? Chapters from Urban History E. Chodějovskáz 0/2/03 --
FF:AR1B200Exhibition in the Archives I P. Elbelz 1/1/04 --
FF:AR1B201Exhibition in the Archives II P. Elbelz 1/1/04 --
FF:AR1B29Patrimony Administration J. Smitkaz 1/0/02 --
FF:AR1B30Church Administration and its Documents in the Czech Lands in the Late Middle Ages I P. Elbelz 0/2/03 --
FF:AR1B32Church Administration and its Documents in the Czech Lands in the Late Middle Ages II P. Elbelz 0/2/03 --
FF:AR1B65The Creation of Family Trees in Practice S. Bártaz 2/0/02 --
FF:AR1B67Sigismund of Luxembourg: A Medieval Ruler on the Threshold of Modern Times I P. Elbelz 0/2/03 --
FF:AR1B68Sigismund of Luxembourg: A Medieval Ruler on the Threshold of Modern Times II P. Elbelz 0/2/03 --
FF:PV1B100Czech Medieval Sources D. Havelk 1/1/04 --
FF:PV1B103Great Moravia: Carolingian March, or independent "empire"? D. Kalhousz 1/1/04 --
FF:PV1B105Medieval Archaeology P. Hrubýz 1/1/03 --
FF:PV1B106Historical Statistics L. Fasorak 1/1/03 --
FF:PV1B108Interpretation of Historical Legal Texts II L. Šmídová Malárováz 0/2/03 --
FF:PV1B109Irreconcilable Neighbours? Poland, Lithuania and the Order of Teutonic Knights in the Middle Ages P. Barz 2/0/03 --
FF:PV1B110Diplomacy in Late Medieval Italy and its Documents O. Schmidtz 0/2/03 --
FF:PV1B112English Terminology in Auxiliary Historical Sciences A. Zavřelováz 1/1/04 --
FF:PV1B113Golden Prague: The Art of Book Illumination during the Reign of the Luxembourg Kings from c.1350 to M. Theisenz 0/4/04 --
FF:PV1B118Modern sources and research methods P. Elbelz 1/1/03 --
FF:PV1B120Book history in a digital environment J. Marekz 1/1/03 --
FF:PV1B121Papal Diplomatics J. Hrdinak 2/2/03 --
FF:PV1B122Imperial diplomatics P. Elbelk 1/1/03 --
FF:PV1B128Austria’s art of book illumination in the 15th century M. Theisenz 0/4/04 --
FF:PV1B129Mediaeval Czech Diplomatics D. Kalhousk 1/1/03 --
FF:PV1B130Seminar on Sphragistics and Heraldry T. Krejčíkk 1/1/02 --
FF:PV1B131Filigranology A. Zavřelováz 1/1/02 --
FF:PV1B132Chapters in the History of Monastic Institutions in the Czech Lands T. Černušákk 2/0/02 --
FF:PV1B33Interpretation of historical legal texts. L. Šmídová Malárováz 2/0/03 --
FF:PV1B35Kašpar Šlik P. Elbelz 2/0/03 --
FF:PV1B67Faleristics and Vexillology T. Krejčíkz 1/1/03 --
FF:PV1B69The Czech Lands in the Middle Ages D. Kalhousz 1/1/04 --
FF:PV2B49Sources on the History of Jews in the Bohemian Lands in the Early Modern Period P. Kocmanz 0/4/03 --
FF:PV2B57German Conversation: Science, Cultur, Politics I P. Elbelz 0/2/04 --
FF:PV2B82Editing post-Roman inscriptions in the German speaking countries. A. Zajicz 2/0/04 --
FF:PV2B83Ennoblement and the new nobility in the Czech Lands in the 18th century J. Brňovjákz 4/0/04 --
FF:PV2B85German Conversation: Science, Cultur, Politics II P. Elbelz 0/2/04 --
125 credits

Optional courses