PdF DHTEP01 Music Theory and Pedagogy
Name in Czech: Hudební teorie a pedagogika
doctoral full-time
Included in the programme: PdF D-HTEP Music Theory and Pedagogy

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

Final state doctoral examination consists of an oral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis, it is by the end of studying Ph.D. programme and is guided by Masaryk University Study and Examination Regulations. The doctoral student is expected to demonstrate the professional orientation and ability of his/her independent creative work in the field. Oral examination verifies doctoral student's earned knowledge and skills from the range of completed subjects of the course. The defense of the dissertation is based on two opponent reviews (at least 1 external). The minimum extent of the dissertation is 180 pages, ie. 324 000 characters including spaces, formally governed by APA citation standard or ČSN ISO 690.

Requirements of the study

1. Active participation in doctoral seminars and lectures related to the subjects of the study program and passing exams and credits.
2. Preparation and realization of dissertation research and continuous work on the dissertation thesis.
3. Publishing activities (4 academic texts – e.g. journals, book chapters, proceedings, of which at least 2 texts are required to be included in the WOS or SCOPUS databases or other internationally recognized journal from the point of view of discipline).
4. Active participation at conferences in the Czech Republic (2x) and abroad (2x).
5. Internship possibly at a foreign research (eventually educational or development) department.
6. Educational activity (participation on teaching), ranging from 2-4 hours per week for 4-8 semesters (= 96 to 192 hours of direct learning activities for the total period of study).

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Suggestion of theses topics:
1. Musicophiletics in the teaching of music
2. The perspectives of gerontagogics in the music field
3. Application of musical folklore heritage at elementary and secondary schools: on the possibilities and forms of polyesthetic education
4. The problems of elementary piano teaching in elementary art schools - current trends
5. Contemporary issues of vocal education in non-classical genres
6. Perception issues of the interpretative quality of knowledgeable interpretation of the older period music
7. Possibilities of instructive use of restored compositions by baroque and classical authors
8. Possibilities of using musical analysis in music education at elementary and secondary schools

The topics of defended theses:
Current European trends in Music Education and their Potential Application to the Educatin in the Czech Republic
The Rožmberk band in the context of the evolution of interpretation of music of older style periods
The Issues of Motivation in the Profession of Music Field Teachers at Elementary Schools of Arts
The Piano Methodics in Bohemia and Moravia at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Century
Czech spiritual music at the turn of the 21st century
History of musical culture in South Bohemia in the 2nd half of the 19 th century
On Certain Problems in Music Preferences

Access to the full-text of the published theses, including the reviews, can be found at: https://is.muni.cz/thesis/

Recommended progress through the study plan

Povinné předměty (222 kreditů)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:HTP001Professional Orientation in the Field of Study M. Sedláčekk 0/0/05 1-
PdF:HTP002Dissertation Preparation M. Sedláčekk 0/0/015 1-
PdF:HTP003Educational Research Methodology T. Janíkzk 0/0/106 1-
PdF:HTP004Musical folklore traditions J. Kučerovázk 0/0/06 2-
PdF:HTP005Musical historiography for pedagogy M. Sedláčekz 0/0/03 2-
PdF:HTP006Aesthetics and General Theory of Art 1 M. Sedláčekz 0/0/03 3-
PdF:HTP007Aesthetics and General Theory of Art 2 M. Sedláčekzk 0/0/06 4-
PdF:HTP008Musical Pedagogy 1 M. Sedláčekz 0/0/04 3-
PdF:HTP009Musical Pedagogy 2 M. Sedláčekzk 0/0/06 4-
PdF:HTP010Musical Psychology 1 M. Košutz 0/0/04 3-
PdF:HTP011Musical Psychology 2 E. Řehulkazk 0/0/06 4-
PdF:HTP012Applied Musical Semiotics and Semantics M. Sedláčekz 0/0/03 5-
PdF:HTP013Applied Musical Semiotics and Semantics 2 M. Sedláčekzk 0/0/06 6-
PdF:HTP014Relations among Particular Kinds of Art 1 M. Sedláčekz 0/0/03 5-
PdF:HTP015Relations among Particular Kinds of Art 2 M. Sedláčekzk 0/0/06 6-
82 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty (18 kreditů)

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PdF:HTP016Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - English S. Hanušovázk 0/0/05 7-
PdF:HTP017Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - French V. Bakešovázk 0/0/0 individuální konzultace.5 7-
PdF:HTP018Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - German V. Janíkovázk 0/0/05 7-
PdF:HTP019Foreign Language on level B1 for Doctoral Study - Russian S. Koryčánkovázk 0/0/05 7-
PdF:HTP020Semantic Analysis of Music Work 1 M. Košutz 0/0/03 5-
PdF:HTP021Semantic Analysis of Music Work 2 M. Košutk 0/0/03 6-
PdF:HTP022Sociological Aspects of Music Culture 1 M. Košutz 0/0/03 5-
PdF:HTP023Sociological Aspects of Music Culture 2 M. Košutk 0/0/03 6-
PdF:HTP024Visual Arts of 20th Century R. Horáčekzk 0/0/05 7-
PdF:HTP025English for PhD Studies - C1 R. Heroutzk 0/2/07 5-
PdF:HTP026French for Academic Purposes R. Heroutzk 0/0/0 konzultace.7 5-
PdF:HTP027German for PhD Studies - C1 R. Heroutzk 0/0/0 konzultace.7 5-
PdF:HTP028Russian for PhD Studies - C1 R. Heroutzk 0/0/0 konzultace.7 5-
65 credits