PrF SPaCPPprez Private law and civil procedural law
Name in Czech: Soukromé právo a civilní právo procesní
doctoral full-time
Included in the programme: PrF SPCPP Private law and civil procedural law

Final state doctoral examination and defence of the doctoral thesis

The general conditions of access to the state doctoral examination are set out in the Study and Examination Regulations (assessments, announcement of deadlines, etc.). The prerequisite is the acquisition of credits and fulfilment of the conditions of the individual study plan.
The student takes the state doctoral examination after fulfilling:
- the subjects of the chosen individual study plan;
- completion of the subjects of the language specialisation and passing a language examination in one language;
- completion of other courses of the methodological basis, or enrolled in accordance with his/her individual study plan within the specified number of credits;
As a rule, the examination is taken after the end of the 6th semester of study, but no later than the end of the 8th semester.
The examination takes the form of a debate, where the student first places the institute contained in the question in the overall disciplinary context and then comments on it in more detail. Not only the specific knowledge is assessed, but also the overall overview of the PhD student within the context of the discipline.

Thesis theses are usually developed and submitted in the fourth semester. Their defence usually takes place during the fifth semester of study. The final version is submitted at the same time as the application for the state doctoral examination.

Requirements of the study

The study will be directed at the initial stages to deepen the student's methodological knowledge and skills; without their mastery, it is impossible to meaningfully prepare a dissertation. It is the latter that is to be the focus of doctoral studies. The student should subject the chosen dissertation topic to in-depth scientific research and, after four years of continuous research, should present a thesis that truly brings new insights and advances the field.
Research activities: students may be involved primarily in faculty or university projects, especially specific research projects. In these, they may act either as investigators or as members of the research team. However, they can of course also participate in other projects and grants.
Publication activities: to be specified in the individual study plan. It consists of at least: three articles published in a peer-reviewed journal in the country or abroad, two peer-reviewed articles in a collection of proceedings in the country or abroad or a book chapter. Quality is preferred over quantity in a system of categories A, B, C with a differentiation of 15, 10, 5 credits (a total of 20 credits for publications is required, with at least one publication from category A or B).
Language requirements - completion of a course focused on proficiency in a professional world language so that the student is able to work with other foreign sources

Proposal of dissertation topics and topics of defended dissertations

Contractual obligations in public procurement
The determination of the ownership
The Limits and Trends of the Principles of European Tort Law and their Reflection in Czech Law
Protection of the weaker party in the new Civil Code
Legitimate Expectation in Civil Law

Recommended progress through the study plan

Soukromé právo a civilní právo procesní

Povinné předměty - individuální

Předměty Internacionalizace, Prezentace na konferenci a Odborná publikace A,B,C je student povinen absolvovat v období od 7. semestru.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DI1DIS01Dissertation - Individual Study Plan I J. Šilhánk 0/0/012 1-
PrF:DI1PED01Development of Pedagogical Skills I J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 1-
PrF:DI2DIS02Dissertation - Individual Study Plan II J. Šilhánk 0/0/015 2-
PrF:DI2PED02Development of Pedagogical Skills II J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 2-
PrF:DI3DIS03Dissertation - Individual Study Plan III J. Šilhánk 0/0/016 3-
PrF:DI3PED03Development of Pedagogical Skills III J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 3-
PrF:DI4DIS04Dissertation - Individual Study Plan IV J. Šilhánk 0/0/017 4-
PrF:DI4PED04Development of Pedagogical Skills IV J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 4-
PrF:DI5DIS05Dissertation - Individual Study Plan V J. Šilhánk 0/0/017 5-
PrF:DI5PED05Development of Pedagogical Skills V J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 5-
PrF:DI6DIS06Dissertation - Individual Study Plan VI J. Šilhánk 0/0/018 6-
PrF:DI6PED06Development of Pedagogical Skills VI J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 6-
PrF:DI7DIS07Dissertation - Individual Study Plan VII J. Šilhánk 0/0/025 7-
PrF:DI8DIS08Dissertation - Individual Study Plan VIII J. Šilhánk 0/0/020 8-
PrF:DIINTERInternacionalization J. Šilhánz 0/0/06 --
PrF:DIKONFConference Presentation J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DIPUBScientific publication A, B, C J. Šilhánz 0/0/0- --
160 credits

Povinné předměty - oborový základ

Povinné předměty v celkovém rozsahu 16 ECTS. Předmět DSCPV_WS PhD workshop umožňuje opakovaný zápis, je povinné jej během studia absolvovat třikrát - každý rok v prvních třech ročnících studia.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DSCPS_PHPSubstantive law and procedural law P. Lavickýz 0/0/04 1-
PrF:DSCPS_METMethodology of finding the law F. Melzerz 0/0/04 2-
PrF:DOSCPV_WSPhD workshop J. Šilhánz 0/0/03 --
11 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty - oborová specializace

Volitelné předměty podle ISP - nejméně v rozsahu 32 ECTS. Předmět DOSCPV_SOS Soukromoprávní odborný seminář se zabývá vždy aktuálními otázkami a je možno jej zapisovat opakovaně. Student je povinen předměty absolvovat do konce 6. semestru.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DOSCPV_CPASecurities and Capital Market A J. Kotásekz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_CPBSecurities and Capital Market B J. Kotásekz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_CPSCivil Procedure - The Doctrine of Parties P. Lavickýz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_CPZCivil Procedure - Basic Conceptual Issues P. Lavickýz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_DaBCivil Procedure - Evidence and Burden of Proof P. Lavickýz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_DV1Intellectual Property Law I. P. Koukalz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_DV2Intellectual Property Law II. P. Koukalz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_EOACompetition Law A J. Bejčekz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_EOBCompetition Law B J. Bejčekz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_EX1Enforcement law I P. Lavickýz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_EX2Enforcement law II E. Dobrovolnáz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_IP1Insolvency Law I A. Zemandlováz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_IP2Insolvency Law II A. Zemandlováz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_METComparative private law K. Ronovskáz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_NSAUnfair Competition and Labelling Rights A D. Ondrejováz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_NSBUnfair Competition and Labelling Rights B D. Ondrejováz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_OKABusiness Corporation A J. Lasákz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_OKBBusiness Corporation B J. Lasákz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_PPALabour law I. P. Hůrkaz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_PPBLabour law II P. Hůrkaz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_PSCivil Procedure - Subject Matter of the Dispute P. Lavickýz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_PUSCivil Procedure - Action and Other Procedural Acts of the Parties E. Dobrovolnáz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_RP1Family Law I. Z. Králíčkováz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_RP2Family Law II. Z. Králíčkováz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_SOSPrivate law seminar F. Melzerz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_SRCivil Procedure - Judicial Decisions and Res Judicata P. Lavickýz 0/0/04 --
PrF:DOSCPV_ZRBusiness Obligations J. Šilhánz 0/0/04 --
108 credits

Povinné předměty - společný celofakultní základ

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DSPVP01Jurisprudence and legal research - methodological approaches M. Škopz 0/0/02 1-
PrF:DSPVP02Working with resources J. Kotásekz 0/0/02 1-
4 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty - celofakultní metodologické kurzy

Student po dohodě se školitelem zvolí předměty nejméně v rozsahu 4 ECTS Student je povinen předměty absolvovat do konce 7. semestru.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DSPVP03Presentation and Pedagogical Skills J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSPVP04Historical Research in Law J. Tauchenz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSPVP05Social Science Methods in Law D. Kosařz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSPVP06Legal argumentation T. Sobekz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSPVP07Grant and Project Preparation J. Šilhánz 0/0/02 --
10 credits

Povinně volitelné předměty - cizí jazyk

Student si volí jeden z nabízených jazyků - tj. dva navazující předměty v celkovém rozsahu 4 ECTS. Student je povinen předmět cizí jazyk absolvovat do konce 4. semestru.

Code Name Guarantor Type of Completion Extent and Intensity Credits Term Profile Cat.
PrF:DSANG1English I R. Šimekz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSANG2English II R. Šimekzk 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSFRA1French I K. Sedláčkováz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSFRA2French II K. Sedláčkovázk 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSNEM1German I E. Šrámkováz 0/0/02 --
PrF:DSNEM2German II E. Šrámkovázk 0/0/02 --
12 credits